QMS Global has defined and maintains a strict impartiality policy which is monitored through the independent Board of Directors. We ensure that confidentiality and Impartiality is maintained at all levels of our organization before, during and after the certification process is complete.

We provide an independent, impartial, professional and focused third party certification service where threats against integrity and potential conflicts of interest constantly arise. For this reason, we identify and risk-assess all relationships which may result in a conflict of interest or pose a threat to our impartiality. To ensure that all activities in the certification process are carried out in an independent and impartial manner, we monitor potential risks on a continual basis.

Further, as a safeguard for the reputation, independence and impartiality of QMS Global, we also maintain an Impartiality Committee appointed for the express purpose of continually overseeing and evaluating all aspects of our business activity. The foundation of this Committee is to ensure that our operations are carried out responsibly, openly, independently and objectively, and that all applicant businesses as well as those with previous certification are treated alike.

The Committee comprises individuals representing key activities of QMS Global, all of whom have many years experience in their respective areas of expertise and is chaired by an independent Member of the Board of Directors. This is a further guarantee that QMS Global can continue to maintain its high standards and integrity.